Last year was such a great year for me and Little Bug Photography. So good in fact that I was far too busy to blog most of my sessions. But before I get going too far into 2015 I thought I had better share some of my favourite sessions from 2014. Starting with this lifestyle newborn session. This is a good example of my what you would get with my Basic Newborn Package. With lifestyle photography it is much more about the moments and capturing your baby and your family as they truly are. I do include some natural posed images that are very classic.

Jill VZ - Stunning! Every single one! Beautiful family! Love how you were able to capture the family inside and outside their home!



As a mom of three I absolutely loved those first few days and weeks with each of my new babies. Those early days when your fresh new baby is so sleepy, they hardly open their eyes, they eat constantly and they smell so good. These days pass so quickly, and somewhere between the diaper changes and feeding schedule it can all become a blur. Years from now, those early days will feel so long ago,  the squishy details of  you baby will be faded. I do what I do because I am mom and I understand. Photographing newborns is a privilege that I am honoured to have.





The last few months have been very soul searching for me. While in the midst of my complete rebranding, I decided to ask myself some pressing questions. The kind of questions like… what is truly important to me? what is my 5 year plan? What is my true artistic voice? I really wanted to find a clear vision of what I wanted for my future. Both personally and professionally. I focused on me and what I wanted most, then made some decisions, which led to some small steps towards some big new goals.

As a mother and business owner, I am juggling many balls, so I am trying to find ways to eliminate some (or grow more hands). Last year with a brand new baby in the mix (and a mild case of PPD) I had almost no desire to blog business wise or personally for that matter. But I do love to write and share from my daily life so the need to blog and write eventually came back. So one decision I made was to combine my photography blog with my personal blog. One place to share my clients sneak peeks, as well as my own word on motherhood, homeschooling, food, design, and what ever else comes up. It will be a work in progress, sort of like me, but one less ball in the air is a good thing!

Robyn xo

Sarah - Hello Robyn – I am visiting from our Write Now class. Such beautiful portrait photography. Combining your blog and work sounds like a good choice for you :)

amanda - Oh PPD is a beast, an absolute beast. Glad to hear you’re feeling up to soul searching and prioritizing the things you love — a definite sign you’re feeling better :)